Positive experience and outcome - Highly Recommend

I had a great experience with Mr. Deckard and highly recommend him. I was charged with failure to obey a police officer (a 2nd degree misdimeaner) in the summer of 2012. Mr. Deckard kept in close communication with me throughout the lengthy process of challenging this charge. Because of his diligence the case was eventually dropped in court. Afterward, he helped me get the charge expunged off my record before I applied to law school, and walked me through explaining the incident to the more inquisitive law schools. Mr. Deckard went above and beyond in his efforts to give me a second chance after this embarrassing incident, and everything turned out very well. I sought out this attorney upon recommendation from my father's friend, and it was definitely worth it.
- Anonoymous

Saved My Life

A few months ago the police arrested me on numerous felony charges on false evidence and I was facing incarceration for most of the best years of my life. Mr. Deckard who is a former police officer saw through the lies and fought hard to keep me out of prison. Thanks to his hard work and his willingness to confront local law enforcement all of my charges were dismissed. I can't thank Mr. Deckard enough.
- Anonymous

Treasure Coast's Best Trial Attorney

Over the past decade I've had the opportunity to observe Mr. Deckard fighting for justice on behalf of those accused of committing crimes, many falsely accused. It is good to see that in this age of plea bargains that there is still a real trial lawyer who is not afraid to fight for justice. I recommend Mr. Deckard and his firm without reservation.
- Anonymous

Mr. Deckard is a miracle worker

Mr. Deckard has represented my son on three separate occasions, and every time we received a lenient verdict, the last one was for multiple felonies, and still Mr. Deckard was able to have the charges dismissed, with some jail time and probation, Mr. Deckard is a miracle worker, and I would not hesitate to hire him again. Mr. Deckard is a lawyer who truly cares about his clients, he always calls to ask about our son, and always says he is there for us, for any problem. I had hired another lawyer years before I heard of Mr. Deckard, and it was not a comfortable experience, the other lawyer was cold and didn't care about us, the way Mr. Deckard does. Before hiring another Attorney, speak with Mr. Deckard before you decide, you will be glad you did!
- Larry


Much respect to Mr.Deckard and his amazing staff. When half the world felt I was guilty, Mr.Deckard knew I was innocent. Got my case dismissed in less than 2 weeks. The man knows his law. At the same time he knows what to say and how to say to that prosecutor. I would recommend this man 10×s more. If you know your innocent and yo u can prove it to this man and his staff. They will see you thru. If he asked who sent you. Tell him Mr.Norris sent you....
- en392norris

Felony Case Dismissed!

Mr. Deckard is by far the best attorney out there! Mr. Deckard was able to get my felony case dismissed completely! He is a hard worker, professional, kind, honest, respectful and he knows the law! He and his staff not only helped me with the criminal matter they also helped me through this emotionally! I will ALWAYS recommend Mr. Deckard to anyone who is in need of an attorney!
- Anonymous

Mr. Deckard did the impossible!

When meeting Mr. Deckard the first time, he took the time to read over my documents and asked me questions that another lawyer didn't. He listened to my recollection of the event and then gave me different scenarios of what could happen. His own background and knowledge put me at ease, and I felt I had made the best decision to have him as my lawyer. His staff kept me informed every step of the way, and I could call to ask questions any time. The outcome was a great success, he did what others didn't think possible.
- Eve

Thank you very much, Joshua Dekard!

I hired Joshua Deckard when our neighbor who was harassing me and my husband and who I have been staying away for more that 2 years filed a false petition against me in the DV Division after she was caught on our security cameras and we had to call 911. After the hearing and Joshua Deckard's motion to dismiss the neighbor's petition for injunction with prejudices, the neighbor filed her Notice of Voluntary Dismissal withdrawing her allegations against me. I'm so thankful to Mr. Deckard for his prompt response, for his outstanding professionalism, for his ethics, and I extend my sincerest gratitude to his very well informed and knowledgeable staff members! Thank you very much!
- Olga

Joshua Deckard is the Best

Josh Deckard has handled many legal matters for my family. He is always professional and caring as well. I'm grateful for the time and care he takes with everything,. I highly recommend him!
- Ellen

Quick and fair results

Mr. Deckard helped me at a reasonable price and very quickly and efficiently. Working closely with him I could tell he wanted nothing more than my well-being. It was very stress relieving and made the whole process much easier. Hopefully I won't need another lawyer, but if I did I wouldn't go to anyone but Mr. Deckard. He cares for his clients like family.
- Shannon

Top Notch Lawyer

Mr. Deckard is top-notch. He spoke with me at length, answered all my questions and explained every outcome possibility in detail. He always returns calls and even called me on a Saturday to let me know all charges were dropped. He also worked with me on a payment plan - he's worth every penny! His office staff is just as knowledgeable and kind. You don't find lawyers and staff like this every day. He and his staff made a difficult experience easy to work through.
- Heather


I needed a Lawyer to represent me on a very difficult case, being that I am a public servant and my career depended on it as well as my family life. Mr Deckard was my Savior. He was there for me the day I made my first call to him. Giving me a sense of peace that I needed at this dark time in my life. His office staff is so Genuine as he and they resonate well as a professional law team. They would answer all my questions and get back to me with answers if they needed to check on something. My case turned out better than I even expected. I was able to keep my job, my family and I are more than happy with the outcome. Mr Deckard was straight forward with me from beginning to end. From then to now I always and will trust his experience and I appreciate his Genuine character as a person as well as my Family's attorney. Look no further this is your man if need be. Sincerely, Joseph
- Joseph

An angel and a blessing!

February 2, 2016 From the very first phone call, we knew we were dealing with the right attorney's office. Chelsea at reception listened to us attentively and scheduled an appointment as soon as possible. When we walked into Mr. Deckard's office our eyes swollen from crying we met with a wonderful staff and a compassionate attorney. My brother got involved with the wrong people and as a consequence was in some trouble. Mr. Deckard gave us his time and put us at ease. We walked out of there knowing that we were in the best of hands. We had a couple more visits with Mr. Deckard and always received the same treatment from him and from his staff. One day we received a phone call from Mr. Deckard himself giving us the wonderful news that the case had been dismissed. We couldn't have asked for a kinder group of Angels to be sent our way at such a time of need. The entire process from arrest to dismissal took less than two months. We will be clients for life and will recommend his services to anyone we come in contact with. To sit across the table from an attorney and feel that you are being treated with dignity and as family is priceless. Thank you Mr. Deckard and staff!
- Natalia

Man for the Job

With our family dealing with so much Mr Deckard was there for us. He's a hard worker and goes the extra mile. He was always available and answered any question big or small. I would recommend him to any and everyone!
- Kourtnie


Not only did Mr.Deckard get the best possible outcome in my federal case, but he got one of my two charges entirely dropped! he was very honest from the moment i hired him and always took his time to answer all of my questions. his staff was always available an willing to help me through out the whole process. Mr.Deckard is a true life saver! i will always recommend his service for any legal matter.
- Anonymous


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